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Balázs Koncz: An Experienced Software Developer Who Is Keen On New Technologies.

Balázs Koncz

I am a cross-platform developer building online courses for beginner and advanced level students. My aim is to share my knowledge as a programmer and show you the way to becoming a successful software engineer.

I love exploring, and I spend a lot of time designing courses for newcomers in programming and others who like having fun with code crafting.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at:



Online Courses Created by Progfirst

Algorithms In C#

You will learn how to think like a programmer and apply patterns on solving problems. C# and .NET gives you a great set of tools to make your life easy as a C# developer. Also Visual Studio will be there with you as your best friend while you fight your way and learn algorithms and become well paid C# developer.

</> Basic programming skills
</> Know the fundamentals of C#
</> Solve problems by writing programmes
</> Understood algorithms
</> Understood data structures

IoT Development​

This course is quick and comprehensive to give you a nice first look at how to develop Internet of things applications in C#. If you are creative or desire to explore IoT, this course is just tailored for you!

</> Write code in C# that runs on a raspberry pi
</> Handle joystick input
</> Read data from motion sesnors
</> Collect meteorological data
</> Flash LED an LED matrix
</> Work with windows 10 IoT

Best Practices of Xamarin Forms

Do you like mobile development? Android? IOS? Why not both? Once you decided to go cross-platform with Xamarin Forms - I offer you a nice collection of tools and practices. 

</> Use the best tools and nuget packages
</> Apply standard design patterns in C# and XAML
</> Create cross-platform applications efficiently
</> Master data binding
</> Understand MVVM
</> Exploit any device's capabilities with plugins
</> Communicate with REST API services
</> Apply Dependecy Injection



What Our Clients Have To Say

This was a really informative course! I recommend it to everyone who is a beginner and would like to have a better understanding of programming.

Németh Balázs

I found this course very easy to follow, with valuable content. I can recommend it to every C# developer as a refresher, and it is a must have for beginner developers, to learn how to think as a programmer!

Sandor Maraczy

Very good instructor, everything explained clearly :) Very useful and provides a great overview - especially great in giving a boost of confidence! I highly recommend.

Julia Mendel-Zito


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